AMPDiscover is a desktop application holding predictive models for the identification of antimicrobial peptides and their antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and antiviral functional types. It was developed in Java 1.8; thus, it is fully cross-platform. All the available models in this software were built with the WEKA (v3.8.0) software.

Download AMPDiscover software

To use the predictive models, the ProtDCal descriptors used should be calculated on the peptide sequences to be screened. These descriptors should calculated at ProtDCal web server as specified as follows:

  • Providing the Job Name
  • Providing an e-mail in order to receive the notifications from ProtDCal web server
  • In the ‘Select the file(s)’ section, a .FASTA file holding the peptide sequences to be screened should be provided
  • In the ‘Load a project’ section, the .idl file holding the descriptors to be calculated should be provided
  • Submit calculation

Once the descriptors calculation concluded, an e-mail is received. Then, the descriptors dataset is downloaded via the link specified in the e-mail. The downloaded file is unzipped and the .csv file obtained constitutes the input file to the AMPDiscover desktop application.

Finally, the AMPDiscover program can be used to identify potential peptides with antimicrobial activity.