T-arenal: it is a distributed computing system that offers a computing alternative to perform the processing of computationally expensive tasks. T-arenal system was created in order to use the maximum amount of computational resources under its controls in a local network, without limitations in the size of the system. To accomplish this, the peer-to-peer and client-server architecture were combined within one model. The peer-to-peer model was implemented among the servers of the system. The system is divided in two main parts: back-end and front-end. The front-end is the means of accessing functionalities on the system by users, while the back-end is the responsible to perform all requests made via front-end. The Java RMI communications technology is used for message passing among the modules of T-arenal, as well as Java Sockets and Apache FTP to exchange large data files.

System requirements

T-arenal requires Java(TM) 7 Runtime Environment on the target system.

Supported environments